You don’t have to be an art historian to appreciate
a masterpiece and you certainly don’t need to
be a sommelier to enjoy delicious wine.


The beauty, subtlety, and flourish of extraordinary art and exceptional wine are simply meant to be enjoyed. Our wines are inspired by the creative drive and fearless spirit of artists such as Claude Monet, Edourard Manet, Auguste Renoir, and others...

A great deal of happiness is given to those who were born where good wines are grown.
— Leonardo da Vinci
Chardonnay Monet

Claude Monet was a founder of the Impressionist movement in the late 19th century. Monet painted the serene path to the beach in Pourville on the northern coast of France in 1882. This elegant Chardonnay expresses the distinctive and inviting quality of his original work.

Cabernet Manet

Edouard Manet was a famously innovative 19th-century painter. This ethereal, mesmerizing portrait of a fellow artist shows the deeply profound essence of its subject. Just as the wine in this bottle captures the beautiful character and mystery of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Pinot Renoir

Auguste Renoir was a trend-setting Impressionist in 19th-century France. This piece captures the sensual, vibrant revelry of working-class Parisians dressed up for a fine Sunday in the park. This nuanced and textured Pinot Noir would have fit in rather nicely.

Seattle DG.JPG
Our 2016 Chardonnay Monet won Double Gold at the 2018 Seattle Wine Awards. That means every judge scored it GOLD. Hooray for wine!
Melon and peach aromas are followed by lightly creamy fruit flavors that display a pleasing sense of balance… Well recommended.

–Wine Enthusiast on our 2016 Chardonnay Monet

A friendly, flavorful burst of sweet berry fruit... a dash of sweet baking spice... a wine to drink up while it's young and carefree... Well recommended.

–Wine Enthusiast on our 2015 Pinot Renoir

Very nice wines. Great fruit, highly drinkable and refreshing. High praise from the chef!

Babette Café at the Berkeley Art Museum

PCC Logo.jpg
We are confident that this wine will make a good impression–it certainly did with us. Inspired by the notion that like great music or art, great wine is something you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy. 

PCC Community Markets, award-winning Seattle grocer

These wines are presented with so much beautiful personality and creativity... reflecting the time and care taken to make such great wine.

Regina Daigneault, certified Bordeaux Tutor


About Us:

Two Drummers, One Bright Idea, and a Whole Lotta Wine.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


Dave and Matt met while working in the music technology industry. Marketing and selling music creation tools was a reasonably simple transition for two drummers in search of steady work. Then a funny thing happened on the way to the next trade show. Matt got fired. And with a sudden clean slate in life, he dove into wine. Not literally. But nearly.

Dave was forging his own unique professional path when Matt approached him with the idea of developing a product line combining classic wine styles with the emotional appeal of brilliant art. Dave thought it all sounded too easy (he’s since been proven wrong on several occasions, which Matt is quick to point out), but he agreed to throw his marketing acumen and notable passion into the mix. Thus began Drum Roll Wine.  

The founders are still figuring things out, having fun in the process, and building on their mission to make it easier for consumers to choose great wine. Like great art, wine can seem intimidating or overwhelming, but it’s made to be enjoyed. So get ready for your next bottle, case, or barrel of Drum Roll Wine. And anticipate every glass!



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