Like feel-good music and captivating art, our wines are easy to enjoy.

Making delicious wine, in fact, is our only criteria for success.

OK, plus having a bit of fun with you along the way.


Paying tribute to the hardest working member of the band, Drum Roll White and Drum Roll Red are always in the groove. These wines start the party with fresh, youthful style. Are you ready for a brand new beat?


Our Impressionist series wines are inspired by the creative drive and fearless spirit of Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir, Georges Seurat, and Edouard Manet.


Chardonnay Monet

Claude Monet was a founder of the Impressionist movement in the late 19th century. Monet painted this colorful destination for pleasure-seeking Parisians in 1869. Like friends out for a day of fun, this Chardonnay is meant to be easily enjoyed.

Pinot Renoir

Auguste Renoir, a trend-setting Impressionist, captures here the sensual, vibrant, and leisurely revelry of working-class Parisians dressed for a Sunday in the park. We think our nuanced and textured Pinot Noir would have fit in rather nicely.

Seurat Syrah


Georges Seurat, known for an approach simultaneously daring and meticulous, painted this captivating depiction of urbanites gathered in an idyllic setting. The defining contrasts of light and dark fit well with the complexity of our Syrah.

Cabernet Manet

Edouard Manet was a famously innovative painter. This ethereal, mesmerizing portrait of a fellow artist shows the deeply profound essence of its subject. Just as our Cabernet Sauvignon captures the character and mystery of the variety.


Anticipate every glass!

Because you can always count on us for wines to look forward to.


2017 Chardonnay Monet: “Soft and supple, with pear and spice flavors. A wine with special qualities. Drink now.” 

Wine Spectator.png

“The 2017 Chardonnay Monet shows white peach and vanilla cream tones on the nose. Nice mouthfeel with heavy whipping cream and pineapple flavors most dominant. Solid.”


Our 2017 Chardonnay Monet received a Gold award at the 2018 Great Northwest Invitational Wine Competition!

Wine Spectator.png

2016 Pinot Renoir (Willamette Valley): “Fruit-forward and perky, with zesty raspberry, tea, and spice flavors. A wine with special qualities. Drink now through 2022.”


2016 Chardonnay Monet: “Melon and peach aromas are followed by lightly creamy fruit flavors that display a pleasing sense of balance. Well recommended.”

Seattle DG.JPG

Our 2016 Chardonnay Monet won Double Gold at the 2018 Seattle Wine Awards. That means every judge scored it GOLD in a blind tasting.


Sip Northwest magazine’s annual Best of the Northwest competition named our 2016 Chardonnay Monet a Judges' Pick!


2015 Pinot Renoir (Oregon): “A friendly, flavorful burst of sweet berry fruit... a dash of sweet baking spice… a wine to drink up while it's young and carefree. Well recommended.”


2015 Pinot Renoir (Oregon): “A big burst of easygoing cherry and spice flavors. A wine with special qualities. Drink now.”

Wine Spectator.png
WPNW 2018 Platinum medals.jpg

A Double Platinum Award for our 2013 Cabernet Manet! “Aromas of toasted marshmallow and black currant… Its beautiful structure is filled with blackberry, plum, and a finish that’s oh so smooth.”


2013 Cabernet Manet: “Opulent, smooth, and medium-bodied [with] a deep core of black fruit, black licorice, and clove. It’s what you hope for in a Cab…Outstanding!”


Wine Matters


Wine was a discovery, not an invention. It’s as if it was always meant to be. And we have thousands of years of wine traditions to celebrate in our world. Spreading from Eurasia to every inhabited continent on the planet, wine is a central part of human history and humanity itself. It’s also always developing, making wine both ancient and new.

Matt Frazier founded Drum Roll Wine in 2017.

Matt Frazier founded Drum Roll Wine in 2017.

Wine took on a special meaning for Matt when he was laid off from a longterm job. With a sudden clean slate, he dove into wine (not literally, but nearly) and soon realized there would always be something new to enjoy, appreciate, and learn.

As a (nearly) lifelong drummer, Matt also discovered many connections between the mesmerizing effects of music and wine. Both are easy to enjoy, of course. But like great art, wine can also seem intimidating or overwhelming (completely unnecessarily). So he’s also on a mission to make wine (and art) more accessible.

Whether you prefer to hit the dance floor or queue up for the latest gallery opening, get ready for your next bottle, case, or barrel of Drum Roll Wine. And anticipate every glass!

Learn more about the beginning of Drum Roll Wine here.


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