Wine Designed with Events in Mind


We’ve thought a lot about what makes a great wine for gatherings large and small.

Why serve wine at all?

Wine’s been with us for thousands of years. It’s part of our mutual human history and it lends substance and meaning to any celebration.

Why Drum Roll Wine?

Wine can be intimidating but we think it’s simply meant to be enjoyed. Something to look forward to, in fact. Just like the special events you plan and execute.


Why Art & Wine?

Wine is a beautiful part of culture and those who enjoy it tend to appreciate art as well. It’s a natural combination. The lovely images on these bottles contribute beauty to any event and provide a bit of fun for guests.

What’s in the bottle?

We're glad you asked: These wines are delicious, crowd-pleasing wines that pair easily with food.

Pinot Renoir

Our Pinot Noir is light but rich with red fruit, plum, and the slightest touch of graham cracker.

You don’t need to be a wine wizard to enjoy this luscious Oregon pinot noir. Plenty generous, nicely balanced, and a great companion to great food and good friends. -PCC Community Markets

Chardonnay Monet

Our Chardonnay is lightly naked for body with plenty of pear and golden apple.

We are confident that this wine will make a good impression–it certainly did with us. This lovely chardonnay delivers well-balanced grace that’s easy to appreciate. -PCC Community Markets


Cabernet Manet

Finally, our Cabernet Sauvignon is just right for guests who want a structured, bold red wine–think black fruit, graphite, and savory notes.

You don’t have to be an expert or a wine geek to like this fine Washington cabernet sauvignon. This generous, elegantly textured cabernet is a great choice for any reason or season. -PCC Community Markets


These wines are presented with so much beautiful personality and creativity... reflecting the time and care taken to make such great wine.

—Regina Daigneault


Certified Bordeaux Tutor and Wine & Spirit Education Trust Educator


If you’re interested, we’d be happy to stop in for a chat and bring samples for you to taste. Or even come and pour for a gathering of your customers. One way or another, we hope to meet you soon!


Life is full of surprises
and wine makes for some of the best.
Anticipate every glass!