Where's Your Winery?

This is, by far, the most often asked question we hear. “Where are you located?” We work with individual wine makers based on what we love about what each does. As of the writing of this blog, there are four wine makers behind our six different wines. (Three of those wine makers are in Washington and one is in Oregon.) They all have vineyards (as well as access to excellent grapes grown by others), production facilities, and wine projects of their own. And each makes a little wine for us, too. Our overall production is quite small, which means we can’t support a tasting room (we’d pour and sell through the wine too quickly). For this reason (and others), we’re all in for wine events.

While being on the go consumes quite a bit of energy, it also affords us the opportunity for so many face-to-face interactions with friendly wine enthusiasts whom we’d almost certainly not meet otherwise. It’s gratifying and educational to see reactions to our wine up close and we’ve learned a lot through the process. Plus, we do have a quite a bit of fun. As a result, about 90% of our wine is sold direct to customers through these events. Which is why we always encourage getting a couple of bottles whenever you see us because it’s hard to say when we might cross paths again.

Kind of the point.

Kind of the point.


So to answer the question (“Where are you?”), we’re wherever you are. Or at least we’re trying to be. Do you have a local wine walk or wine retailer where you’d like to see us pop up for a tasting event? Then be sure to let us know. We always like discovering new crowds, new towns, and new places to share wine with new wine friends (the best kind). In the meantime, there are also a few other ways to grab some Drum Roll Wine. Until then, Anticipate Every Glass!

We love getting out to wine events to share what we do. Do you have a favorite wine event memory? Be sure to email us and tell us all about it.