As Seen at PCC!

If you’ve ever lived in Seattle (or just visited and got hungry), you’re probably as big a fan of PCC Community Markets as we are. Thoughtful product selection, super fresh produce and other perishables, and an obvious commitment to the local area (and local products) are the hallmarks of the business. These stores are a delight to shop in and always feature a premium assortment of delicious, healthy natural products. So we have to admit that we are quite proud to have launched our new wine brand with such a tremendous retail partner.

Still, it kinda blew our minds when PCC decided to feature our wines on such enormous and beautiful displays in every store. You could say we got our own “wine surprise” from that. The Fremont location made us feel especially “welcome.”

Come on in! Buy some wine!

Come on in! Buy some wine!

PCC has a pretty inspiring story, too. It started in 1953 when 15 families joined forces to purchase better food for better value as a group. It’s now a $200 million-plus trend-setting chain of 10 stores (soon to be 12) and is said to be the largest consumer-owned food cooperative in America.

PCC also knows wine. The 2017 Washington Wine Awards named PCC’s wine buyer, Jeff Cox, as the Retail Wine Steward of the Year. Jeff and the team at PCC really understand what we’re about at Drum Roll Wine. Also, PCC Market staff have been known to pour our wines for tastings now and then. So be sure to stop in soon. And often. (Here’s a store locator.) We've included PCC's tasting notes for each of our wines below.

Chardonnay Monet

Flavor Notes: Pear, ripe apple, hazelnut, lemon curd, spice

Pairings: Scallops, risotto, lobster, halibut

We are confident that this wine will make a good impression–it certainly did with us. Inspired by the notion that like great music or art, great wine is something you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy. Fittingly, this lovely chardonnay delivers well-balanced grace that’s easy to appreciate.

Cabernet Manet


Flavor Notes: Blackberry, cassis, raspberry leaf, savory hints, minerals

Pairings: Roast pork loin, grilled vegetables, grilled lamb or beef


You don’t have to be an expert or a wine geek to like this fine Washington cabernet sauvignon. Inspired by the notion that great wine doesn’t take a credential to understand, this generous, elegantly textured cabernet is a great choice for any reason or season.

Pinot Renoir


Flavor Notes: Ripe cherry, cherry pit, forest floor, spice, dried flowers

Pairings: Salmon, duck, wild mushrooms, fresh spring greens

You don’t need to be a wine wizard to enjoy this luscious Oregon pinot noir. All it takes is a glass (and that’s optional, too) and a bit of thirst, the wine will take care of the rest. Plenty generous, nicely balanced, and a great companion to great food and good friends.

We’re no wine wizards, but we do love a good wine surprise. Have one to share? Email us!